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To a beautiful and perfect soul in a beautiful and perfect body.

This was originally a letter I wrote to a good friend I met in my 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training in India but it ended up being a healing ritual for myself as well, and for all the women in this world for that matter; this is for each and everyone of us.

Dear X,

I have thought of you over and over again, I have thought of these very words in my mind over and over again. There are so many things I want to tell you, I want to tattoo all of these in your heart, deep deep down, so you never forget.

When I met you last month you came across to me as a troubled soul. I perceived you as a woman in the middle of something, in a search that not even you seemed to quite understand. I saw a woman looking for confidence and security and a desperate need to spread love. I saw a woman in the making, a strong yet weak soul unsure of her place on earth. I saw these in you because I see it in myself every single day.

I’ve seen you feeling insecure in classes, I’ve seen the look in your face when the posture gets difficult, or your expressions when pushing your body farther than ever before. I’ve seen you intimidated by others’ abilities. I’ve seen you second guessing yourself, I see your hesitation, I see it because I feel it too every single day.

I see how you are aware of your environment, you observe what is happening, you look at other girls and find parts of them you wished you had yourself. Flexibility maybe, or toned arms, a great love story or just a lighter shade of blonde hair. I see it because I find myself wishing for the same things every single day.

I have seen you complement all the girls in the class. On their nice body, hair, smiles, eyes, abs or their great personality, their jokes, their attitude or strong presence. I have seen you finding the best in everyone. But I also find, you might be missing your own greatness.

I have seen you care about others, engaging in conversations, genuinely interested in their stories, paying attention even when they only complain; interested in depth, to become friends with them.

But there are a few things I don’t think I have seen you acknowledge and I would like to take this opportunity to point it out, to you and in some way it might just suit me as well.

You are a beautiful woman, you have the most beautiful hair, face and features one could ever see. You have depth in your gaze and love in your smile. You are strong. You have a body that works with you and endures. You are perfect and graceful. You are a girl that makes people turn when walking down the street. Your face and your body reflect in every single aspect the beautifulness of your soul.

You are deep; you care about people and you don’t mind showing it. You give yourself to others without hesitation and you let them in. You are funny and smart, you have this beautiful elegant and soft voice that fills the room up and brings ease and joy. You are intelligent, educated, composed and at the same time you speak freely, naturally, hilariously and you know how to let yourself go.

You can make a whole room laugh or cry with your wonderful presence and sentiments. You are a powerful woman.

I wonder if, like me, you have ever had the hardest time telling yourself all these things in front of the mirror and actually believing them. I wonder if you know how special and unique you are. I wonder if you know how deep you have touched my heart and soul in our brief time together. I wonder if I could be the one that convinces you not only that you are more than enough but that you are pure bliss. That you are perfect just the way you are.

I have seen you struggle and strive and achieve during what could possibly be the toughest month of our lives. I have seen you come out of it with grace, with humor and with love. I have seen your strength every single day and you have spread that strength to others close to you. You are amazing.

It is so easy to see the beauty in others but the hardest part is to see it within ourselves. Please help me in believing how grand you are so one day I can believe the same about me.

Keep inspiring me to be that person that looks into a mirror and falls in love with very aspect of their flawed being and embraces it. Be the example you are, but commit to it, believe it; believe in you and let go of the judgements, let go of everything else that is not love.

Go out there and keep finding yourself in every path, experience and person that comes along the way but keep in mind that you are your most important ally. You are the one that will walk right next to yourself for the rest of the way. Be nice to you. Spread that light and love you spread towards others and bring it back in. Bring it in deep. Love your body and soul with every fiber of your being; because you deserve it, you have everything it takes and more. You are enough. You are worthy. You are superb.

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