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The one where we pause

And suddenly the world paused. Nature told us to stop To go home To take a deep long thorough look within To stop messing with her To let her breathe She told us how tired she was How tired she is And we had no choice But to stop. So we froze.

We found stillness because we had no choice And we finally dared to take a look inside And we saw pain, neglect, and abandonment We saw carelessness, and corruption We saw ache, stress, and longing And we stood right there In pain yet curious, Just a little bit longer, Uncomfortable, sad, and lonely. And just when we were about to quit, we saw something more: We saw calm, peace and joy in the littlest of things We saw our true selves and the way we are when no one is watching We saw love, grace, and compassion We saw care, empathy and connection We saw purity, light, and spirituality. We sat there in silence And saw God wave at us, from the inside, shinning bright. And then mother nature whispered, 'Thank you and now you know it too' And the air felt cleaner, And the fog was gone, And the mountains stood taller, And the grass seemed greener, And the dolphins were wandering again, And we knew what we’ll forever know: We are made up of sunshine and storm Of great and terrible Of health and sickness Of triumphs and loss Of peace and war Of selfishness and selflessness Of love and fear Of life and death We are made of lessons We are made of water We are made of stories We are made of stars We are meant to live intertwined and connected We are meant for so much more... We’ve only got this planet, This chance, This life, And this wild invitation, To become exactly who we’re meant to be. Because the place where we are right now, God circled in a map for us.

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